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Triple Birthday
2008-06-16, 11:14 p.m.

Wow. Babybear is one spoiled young man!! Essentially, he got to celebrate the big 7 over the course o three days!!!

We had a family barbeque for him last Sunday. On Monday we had his party with his friends, and did that at the theatre and saw Kung Fu Panda (loveditloveditlovedit), then we celebrated the actual day, which was Tuesday. Sheesh.

Then I had a cake order due for a client on Wednesday, plus I hosted the Father's Day festivities here this weekend. Too much baking/cooking!! I mean, I love cooking/baking. I;d love to go back to school and become a chef. But it's tough trying to do it while holding down a full time job and entertaining the wee folk!

Babybear finally got to open his Wii, which is just to much fun for me!! On the bright side, I am in such poor shape that I sweat every time I play it!

Boog has cut his top front teeth. He's much happier again. Though he's now figured out how to climb *inside* the dishwasher...not the best of places. He's very good at entertaining himself though. I remember Babybear, while a happy baby, wanted me focusing on him 90% of the time. Boog is content to just play on his own, every now and then he'll show you what he has and yell at it a lot, but he's content to do it on his own. Now if only he took the same attitude towards sleeping...he needs to touch someone to sleep. It's making me insane. He's not picky. Could be me, Hubby or even Babybear, he's even happy snuggled up with Earl, but Earl can;t be trusted out of his bed at night, Babybear needs uninterupted sleep for school, Hubby has to be up for work at 2:30a, so, that nominates me. Hopefully we get out of this stage very soon!!!

Still haven't managed to change my stupid template. Seems like any knowledge of html jumped shipped at some point...I've been searching for cool freebies, but haven't had much luck yet. Hopefully soon!

And I think I'll go read a bit while I snuggle down, tomorrow's my early day at work, need to head to bed!


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